Subsplash switch

Why are we switching?

All in One Platform

Now our website, app, calender, message service and giving platform are all within Subsplash. This makes cost and user interaction more streamlined.

Better Stewardship

Subsplash's innovative Grow Curve offers the industry's lowest processing rates. Saving us thousands our first year of use!

Bigger Blessing

During this transition, our heart is to make connecting to this local body easier so that you can focus on connecting with your Creator.

What are we switching?

Giving (Pushpay)

We've migrated our online giving services to Subsplash! Click below for help switching over or to find out more about it.

Bulletins Plus

In the past we used Bulletins Plus to keep you up to date on all the ongoing and special events happening at the church. Now the Calvary Chapel Lake Norman app, and this website, will serve that purpose, mainly through the handy calendar. Check it out below or on the Calvary Chapel Lake Norman app.


If you haven't noticed already, we have a new website! This new site is also provided through Subsplash, which helps cut our costs. On top of that, it is significantly more streamlined and user-friendly. Take some time to check it out. 

411 / Text Messages

Instead of using our old 411 messaging service we are now using push notifications via the Calvary Chapel Lake Norman app. If you don't have the app yet, you can download it right here or through your app store. If you'd like to receive updates and alerts from the church on your phone, be sure to allow push notifications when you download the app. If you've already downloaded it and aren't sure if you have push notifications enabled, you can check by finding the CCLKN app in your "settings" app. If you've got any questions or need help, don't hesitate to reach out us! We're here to help.

simply put.

Here's one simple way you can look at our switch from a practical perspective. Everything we do online and through mobile devices
will now be on this website and the Calvary Chapel Lake Norman app.

Our heart is that you would have a much easier time getting and staying connected to this body of believers. Our prayer is that this switch would propel you into greater connection with brothers and sisters in Christ and with your Maker!

We are here to help.

Whether you get stuck in the process of switching to Subsplash Giving or just have questions about the new platform overall, we would love to help. You can call us at 704.380.4376  or email us at [email protected]